Life Is Good

I am doing great.  I love my job, my coworkers and bosses included but my schedule is kind of strange.  Last month I worked mostly days but this month I am on nights (10pm-6am) and it is hard to get used to having sleep broken up.  Four hours in the morning and 2-3 in the early evening right before I go to work.  Has anyone ever had to do that before?  Am I the only lazy cow that needs at  least 7 hours of sleep?  Compared to Mr. D I feel like a sloth. This man needs 4 hours and he is fine.  I could just smack him for being such a hyper show off.  But he has more gray hair than I do so HA!  It has nothing to do with the 8 years in our age difference either.  I can wish, can’t I?

M-Boy’s autism is coming into a new phase.  It is funny how the syndrome seems to evolve as M-Boy ages.  Before we dealt with rigid schedules, picky eating (only wanted junk food) and needing solitude.  Now he is setting long term goals yet he has the cognition to understand that some careers would not be right for him because of his autism.   I have real hope that he will be independent and productive in his adult years.  For the first time I see him making changes in his behavior without my prompting.  In return for his hard work, he is having better social exeriences.  Way to go M-Boy. 


Not Lost Just Hidden

When I made the move to work outside of the home, I never knew it would take me so far away from my previous life.  I am still the same old Daphnewood with the same obnoxious husband and 3 adorable kids but I am now also a career woman.  I still get to wear jeans to work (a major plus in my eyes) but sometimes I have to be there by 6am (is this a real time or the twilight zone?!) and other times I have to be there UNTIL 6am.  I actually prefer to work the overnight shift because it suits my internal clock a bit better.  So I have been swamped with work.  I have been working close to 50 hours every week but this week I am only scheduled for 32.  I got smart and instead of scheduling 40 and having to work more I scheduled less just in case they ask me to work more hours.  I am tired though.  Very tired.

I have been spending some lovely time with the hubby and kids this week because he is on vacation and the kids had some teacher work day (no school for kids).  It has been awesome and FUN just being with my family who don’t cuss at me or threaten to commit suicide just because I ask them to get dressed or put their dishes in the dishwasher.  I feel emotionally revitalized and hopefully this means a return to blogging.  I am trying to make a new commitment of at least weekly updates.  Are you all ‘down with that’?


Isn’t life great?  Sometimes change can really and truly suck but other times change is fantastic and exciting.  The one thing you can count on in life is change and for that I am grateful. 

I am loving my job.  I worked 48 this week but it was so much fun.  I work with teens/pre-teens in a psychiatric care facility and I fell in love with each and everyone of those kids.  Some are barely teens and some are not even teens.  I think in the past when kids became mentally ill, society would give up on them.  It is amazing to see how much the world has changed and actually tries to help these kind of kids to give them a normal life.  I have hope in humanity. 

Another change is that after 15 years of the Non-Television clause in the Daphnewood household, we are getting cable.  Animal Planet, Cartoon Network and ESPN oh my!  Why would I change my mind after all these years?  In a nutshell: fiber optic internet aka FiOS.  I know some of you are already blessed with such extravagant features but poor Daphne has to use DSL right now.  Our area is just now getting the service and out of 4 houses on our street, we are one of them that can receive it.  BUT and I do mean a great big ol’ BUT, you can’t order the internet portion without the TV part.  So that is how I got roped into it.  I can technically cancel the TV part after 30 days but I know I will be too lazy.  So on tuesday I will be hooked up to serious internet speed.  whoohoo!

Something that has NOT changed is my computer situation.  Mr. D just hasn’t been able to get to it but I really haven’t had time to use a computer this past week so no big loss.  Everyone tell me something fun (or not very fun) that you have been doing lately.  News! news! I need news!


Hi everyone!  I see lots of people have dropped by and that makes me happy.  Unfortunately my hard drive crashed and I am without a personal computer.  I can get some small computer time on Mr. Daphnewood’s but it iisn’t very often.  So bear with me until I can get this dreaded piece of technology up and running.  I need to fix some links on my side bar like adding Sangroncito and Tara back on there and Etchen!  My gosh Etchen I see you still are not on there although I love you and your blog dearly.  And I contacted Rowan who is also going to begin blogging again. 

So the big news is that I have a new job.  It is fabulous.  I will be working with children in a shelter type setting.  I will give more details later.  Just know that this job is so rewarding.  Sure it doesn’t pay much but social work never does.  Take care of yourselves!

Tagged By Simple American 13 of 3’s

The ever studly Simple American tagged me a while back and I am just now getting around to finishing it up. 

Three things that scare me

  1. elevators
  2. heights
  3. popping balloons

Three people who make me laugh

  1. Christopher Walken- his love of cowbell is legendary
  2. My husband
  3. Jim Deshaies-aka JD the Fox Astros announcer

Three things I love

  1. my family
  2. cherry slushies
  3. the smell of downy fabric softener

Three things I hate

  1. canteloupe
  2. the Yankees
  3. when people blow cgarette/cigar smoke in my face

Three things I don’t understand

  1. advanced math
  2. politics
  3. why are there no In & Out Burgers beyond CA and its borders

Three things on my desk

  1. Little Man’s watch
  2. a casino player’s card
  3. a Pinocchio glass

Three things I am doing right now

  1. listening to the rain outside
  2. wondering why reordering checks now costs $32 instead of the $15 I paid last time
  3. trying to push my husband out the door (he is late for work-darn doctors!)

Three things I want to do before I die

  1. visit all 50 states
  2. go to grad school
  3. see the Astros win the World Series (no laughing please)

Three things I can do

  1. make some awesome steak sandwiches
  2. keep my cool in trying times
  3. consume an entire 28oz cherry slushie w/o getting brain freeze once

Three things I can’t do

  1. pee standing up
  2. get pregnant
  3. dive

Three things I think you should listen to

  1. your heart
  2. your children’s dreams
  3. good music (it always makes me happy)

Three things you should never listen to

  1. public radio (yawn fest)
  2. “music” by K-Fed
  3. whining

Three shows I watched as a kid

  1. Speed Racer
  2. Kimba the White Lion (yes, Disney did rip off this show I believe)
  3. Rocky & Bullwinkle

Three blogger friends for this tag

I think I will leave this open for anyone who wants to do this.

Summer Movie Rewind

I have compiled a list of movies that I watched from the time the kids got out of school until the time they went back to school.  It really wasn’t too many but it did average about 1 film per week.  In no particular order they are:

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (not bad)
  2. Shrek 3 (not bad but not as good as Pirates 3 to me)
  3. Hairspray (awesome saw it twice)
  4. The Simpsons Movie (funny but not quite as good as I was hoping)
  5. Nancy Drew (my boys wanted to see this- wait for DVD not worth the $$$)
  6. Room 1408 (awesome and creepy like a Twilight Zone episode)
  7. Sunshine (worst movie ever)
  8. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (lots of fun and a must for HP fans)
  9. Stardust (Loved it-new hottie alert for the guy who plays Tristan-DeNiro and Pfeiffer stole the show)
  10. License To Wed (better than I thought it would be)
  11. Bourne Ultimatum (OMG Matt Damon kicks butt!)
  12. Becoming Jane (my crush on James McAvoy continues to grow)
  13. No Reservations (*yawn*)

So as you can see, lots of kids movies which makes sense since they accompanied me most of the time.  There are some HUGE movies we missed like Spiderman 3 and Transformers.  I guess we’ll get those when they come out on DVD.  I think the movie I enjoyed watching the most was Hairspray or Bourne Ultimatum.  I absolutely HATED Sunshine.  It was terrible.  It was trying to be clever like 2001: A Space Odyssey yet scary like Event Horizon.  Instead it turned out to be a muddled BORING mess.  I didn’t care for No Reservations either.  That was pretty boring for a chick flick.  I must give a special nod to Stardust.  I really liked this one too.  It is in my top 3 for sure.

A Tiny Update

Sorry I just dropped off the face of the planet.  I went to a job interview a few days? anyone? ago and boy were you guys right!  It was NOT for me.  I thought I would want it but then once I got there the guy asked me such personal questions and had such rules and regulations that are nearly impossible to follow.  I left thinking he was going to hire me but in the end he never called back so I guess I was giving off a vibe of ‘non-approval’.  I did go on one more and the job is mine pending a background check.  Again, not sure about it but I will probably take it.  It pays less than before but it comes with benefits so it actually makes it worth more than my old job.   HOWEVER, after all of this I am sad.  I feel like this is NOT the direction I want to take at all.  I might as well  go back to school.  What I really want to do requires that Master’s Degree.  Maybe I will just give in to my impulse and apply.  What do you think?  I am wishy washy I know but I can’t do all that I want with just a B.S. in psych.  Or maybe I will just go to a temp agency and ask them to find me something in my profession that doesn’t require being mean to troubled children.

Simple American I will work on your tag tonight.